Green Design - Finding "Your Shade" of Green

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There's no debating it: "Green" is a better way of designing and building a home.

There are many different ways of building green; A grteen home can be designed in any style, size or shape. No longer is it necessary to build a "different looking" earthy or organic style to take advantage of the benefits of a green home. Green building focuses on incorporating benefits for the occupants and our planet:

-Smart and well thought-out land use
-Energy Efficiency & Water Efficiency (Less expensive to heat and cool & lower utility bills)
-Resource Efficiency (materials choice)
-Healthy Indoor Environmental Quality (a benefit for children)
-Proper Operation & Maintenance (Less maintenance)
-Total Global Impact

Hhow do you decide what level or shade of green you can design into your home? Each situation is unique and needs to be determined by the individual. We firmly believe that the homeowner that decides to only choose one green attribute for their home is doing a small part to build a more sustainable future.

Each step taken, large or small, not only saves money and energy, but also contributes to saving the environment. Seeking a deeper shade of green is better for the homes' occupants, the environment and for the future of our planet. You can take deep personal satisfaction in knowing that you are doing your part to care for the world you live in, while saving significant amounts of energy money in the long run as well.