GenOne Architectural Group: Whole Home Design

genonea Whole Home Design by GenOne Architectural Group

Designing a Custom Home requires very careful planning. No one component or element stands alone; like the pieces of a puzzle, each piece works in unison with all the rest. The whole house needs to be thought of as an entire package..... (it is much more than a plan or a picture out of a book). It means considering all aspects of the house as a whole. Some of the components necessary for an overall green home include, but are not at all limited to, efficient appliances, low-energy heating and cooling systems, proper and adequate insulation, efficient windows and doors, lighting systems.... the list is a long one.

Each green feature of the house can and does affect all of the other elements and that in turn affects the overall performance and energy-efficiency of your home.

This Whole Home Design approach is vital to providing you with the best possible and beneficial product (your home). It is much more than a floor plan or a single design element. It involves making sure your home is well thought-out with all of these single elements working in unison to benefit not just your pocket book, but the health of the planet as well. Taking a whole-home approach to design is the only way we do things at Gen1 Design.